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Purchased right in to the business throughout its own preliminary.

Community (IPO) providing in Nov 2017. Ever since. Loke has actually.

Seen the supply take place a down trajectory. Along with its own discuss.

Cost never ever surpassing the IPO cost of 28 cents.

It has actually been actually frustrating. He informed CNA. Indications of difficulty.

Very initial arised in 2021 when No Signboard a homegrown.

Finest understood for its own white colored pepper crab – started shuttering some electrical outlets.

In January 2022. It stated it was actually not able towards show its own capcapacity towards.

Proceed as a going issue after being actually struck difficult due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

As well as asked for for a trading suspension. Ever since. the business has actually had.
A hard time towards reconstruct on its own amidst lawful tussles along with its own.
Biggest investor Gugong as well as saving investor Gazelle Endeavors.
Much a lot extra problem happened such as its own previous principal.

March 13, 2024 / Devon